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Axe Throwing Team Building in Lake Elsinore, California

Make the Mad Axer Your Next Work Team Building Adventure


Are you looking to get the whole office together for fun in-person teambuilding activities that help build camaraderie? Consider a day of axe throwing team building at Mad Axer! Why is axe throwing an excellent opportunity for team building? We’re glad you asked!

Why Axe Throwing Is the Perfect Teambuilding Activity Axe throwing is fun no matter the group size—but we believe in the premise that the more, the merrier! Along with being a ton of fun for everyone, axe throwing is a fantastic teambuilding exercise because it offers competition, gives employees the chance to blow off some steam, and is a year-round opportunity. It’s Fun!Teambuilding games for adults don’t accomplish much if no one’s having fun! But when planning an excursion for a large and diverse group—like an office workplace—finding something that everyone can participate in can be tricky.


Axe throwing teambuilding, though, is something that everyone can enjoy—not just lumberjacks. It’s a simple, unique activity that’s fun whether you're an experienced thrower or it’s your first time. Throw some axes, eat some grub, have some drinks, and bond with coworkers at The Mad Axer! Offers Competition and Camaraderie Teambuilding games are fun, but they need to offer more; they should inspire competition and camaraderie among the participants.

Axe throwing does just that with our wide range of competitive environments for people looking to test their mettle or have some fun with friends. There are multiple ways to have teambuilding fun at The Mad Axer—split into teams for a competitive tournament to see who’s got the best aim in the office or have a lane just for people to step up and give it their best shot in-between rounds of drinks and snacks with their colleagues.


Blow Off Some Steam Having fun is one aspect of in-person teambuilding activities, but another is just giving employees to let loose and blow off a little steam! If your office works hard and deserves a chance to release some energy and tension—you can’t do any better than chucking an axe at a wood target. Few things feel better than sticking an axe perfectly in the wood board, and it’s a wonderful way to have fun while blowing off some steam.


The team will have fun and come in the next work day relieved and energized! Still not convinced yet? Stop by The Mad Axer to see for yourself the benefits and opportunities of axe throwing team building and more!

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