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If you want a fun and unique experience- you definitely need to head over to the Mad Axer! Our friend hosted her 40th birthday party here and we all had a blast! The environment there is amazing, great effects, different axe board options, lights, music, and hands on coaches for those who need it! We actually stopped at Craft Brewing & Kitchen to have some food and beers  mbefore we walked over to the Mad Axer and it was a perfect night out!     -Christi P.

Went here with my husband for a date night, and it was so fun! We only did 30min because we weren't sure what to expect, but will definitely do longer next time.  The workers were all helpful, they showed us how to properly throw and how to choose our games.  There were several games to choose from and all of them we were able to do were fun!! Definitely will be returning! Thank You!     -Lauren K.

Great fun! Great atmosphere, and cool vibe. Friendly staff. If you wanna throw some axes this is the place!     -Brian B.

So much fun!!!! I am a novice axe thrower at best…but we had a blast at The Max Axer. Helpful staff there to teach you the basic techniques and how to play the different games, super fun atmosphere for any age. You book an hour time slot thinking that will be plenty of time but it flys by and you need to book more time. Haha. I must say that throwing large things with sharp edges is quite addicting and therapeutic. Tuff at first but once you get the blade sticking you are hooked. Can not wait till my next opportunity at The Mad Axer🤪     -Matt Thralls

WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE! I'd you're looking for something fun to do this is the place to go! Great music, great atmosphere with glow in the dark, black lights, and sharp axes. The staff are great! Very knowledge in the art of throwing axes. They answered all the questing we had and got me hitting the bullseye after just a couple of throws. There are several games to choose from to make make the time far from boring. Go in and check it out. Spread the word that this is THE PLACE TO BE!

                                                                                                                                    -Tea Ree Games

Great time. The staff was very helpful and were patient with our training. The different games and target options keep you entertained.     -Erika Soto

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